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The Math EdVantage is a Diagnostic-Prescriptive Instructional Program that is designed to give your child the advantage in math education. It will eliminate math frustration and guessing! It will bring math alive to your child!   


Our FREE comprehensive, two-hour math evaluation diagnoses all skills and concepts from Kindergarten to Algebra. An education specialist will administer the tests-not a computer. An in-depth analysis of the math evaluation will pinpoint the skill gaps that are causing your child to struggle in the math area.  Since math is a subject that depends on pre-requisite skills, your child's skill gaps have been allowed to "snowball" into even greater skill gaps.  


The Math EdVantage at Process Learning Tutoring remediates and corrects all the diagnosed skill gaps.  The math curriculum is uniquely designed to correlate math skills for faster mastery.  Your child will rediscover the joy of numbers and will have a strong foundation for the future study of mathematics.   






Let Us Excite Your Child                           About Math

Step-by-Step Processes help students guide themselves through every type of math skill or concept...without the struggle.


Students will be able to verbally express their work step-by-step.


Associative techniques teach students how to relate math to their own daily lives...bringing math alive!


Proofs become the foundation of The Math EdVantage.  Students are taught how to prove their answers on paper- not "in the air"; thus eliminating guessing.


Logical thinking skills and test-taking skills are other areas of emphasis in The Math EdVantage Program.


Realizing that every student is unique, the Math EdVantage uses a multi-sensory approach to instruction.  This allows students to take maximum advantage of their particular mode of learning.  All math processes utilize the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modes.


Retention aids, called "Secret Codes", are continuously taught and reinforced to ensure students remember what is taught  Students are able to apply these techniques in daily classwork and homework, as well as in testing situations.


Fun, motivational learning on dry erase boards makes learning math exciting.  This unique program takes the drudgery out of math and keeps Process Learning Tutoring students eager to learn!  


Examples are provided showing the "Secret Codes" and the step-by-step processes for each math concept and skill.  


Balancing the math curriculum with facts, concepts, computation, and word problem solving areas ensure great success with The Math EdVantage. 


The Math EdVantage will provide the success your child needs to continue the academic path towards future goals and dreams


Documentation and Accountability for the EdVantage Math Program is provided with dated work for class work and homework.  If the student completes the entire math program, a "Secret Code Resource File" will be provided. 


The best accountability that proves the success of the EdVantage Math Program is involved with the higher Report Card Grades, School's Assessment Results througout the year, and the positive self-confidence your child exhibits when completing daily class work and homework.


math tutoring Learning Math Facts Can Be Fun!

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