The Study Skills EdVantage

The Study SKills  EdVantage is an instructional program that teaches your child how to study. Since there is no "study gene" from which your child is born with to automatically know how to study, Process Learning Tutoring has created a proven effective study skills program.  

Let Us Take the Frustrations Out of Homework


Note-Taking Processes will teach students to choose only the necessary key words that help them to comprehend any instructional material.  Unique, proven effective webbing processes will enhance note-taking skills.  Also, students will be taught how to diagram structural overviews to create "boxed-notes".  Students will be taught how to create formal outlines using the webbing and "boxed-notes" techniques.


Creating Time-Lines for note-taking will also be taught to your child.


Taking notes from lectures will be taught utilizing the auditory mode.


Study Proceses will teach students how to actually study the "boxed-notes" in a proven step-by-step process utilizing multi-sensory learning modes of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile.


A textbook study process will be  taught to aid your child in comprehending the content areas of science, social studies, history, and civics.


Creating Study Guides will be emphasized in The Study Skills EdVantage. 


Creating individualized oral and written spelling and vocabulary lists to aid in responding to definitions and essay questions will be stressed.


Organization Processes will emphasize homework contracts, homework schedules, setting priorities, developing a notebook/binder system, and utilizing an expanded file system to aid in studying for mid-terms and finals.  


Developing Short-Term and Long-Term Subject Calendars to aid in creating "mini-deadlines" ,so projects and research papers do not overwhelm your child, will also be taught.


Time-Management Processes will be taught to your child.  "Beat the Clock", charts, and unique ways to track "off-tasks" behaviors will be stressed.  Short-term, quality study processes will be emphasized.


The important study skill of how to balance study time with fun time will be taught and related to the balancing of real life responsibilities with fun time when your child is out in the real world as an adult.


Great emphasis will be placed on the student responsibility and accountability of being the best possible student he or she can be by applying proven effective study skills consistently.  


Also, students will be instructed on how important it is to study effectively in middle school so that high school will be easier and more enjoyable, as well as college. 


Test-taking processes will be taught.  Your child will be instructed on how to take vocabulary tests, fill-in-the-blank tests, multiple choice tests, true and false tests, and essay tests. 


Documentation of The Study Skills EdVantage will be in a red folder when your child completes the entire instructional program.  This folder will aid your child in implementing all of the proven effective study skills that have been taught during this study program.


The Study EdVantage will keep your child organized and aid in studying effectively each day without any homework frustrations.  














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