The Writing EdVantage

This effective, unique instructional writing program is a process-oriented program created to improve the wrting skills of students in grades K-Adult.  It teaches basic grammar skills in isolation (not within a composition), as well as in a variety of written compositions.  Students are taught descriptive, narrative, explanatory/informational, how-to (sequence), compare and contrast, persuasive, and combination of compositions, and report writing processes.  Also, a research writing process is taught.  The Writing EdVantage shows students how to consistently achieve high writing expectations.








                      "The Webbing Process and the "Secret  


                       Codes" make writing so much easier!"

Let Us Teach Your Child How To Write

The Writing EdVantage  will teach your child 10 types of compositions:  Descriptive, Narrative, How-To/Sequencing, Explanatory/Informational, Compare & Contrast, Persuasive, Characterizations, Combinations of the above types, and Short Report Writing.  Also, Research Writing is also offered.


Program objectives are specific, are in writing, and are documented during each session. All documentation is recorded in a writing journal which is sent home after each session. This journal becomes a valuable resource for the future.


An integral component of our writing program is an unique webbing process that assists in the writing of introductions, body/plots, and conclusions.


Organization of thought is an important part of our instruction. Effective proven processs are shared daily.


Associative techniques are taught to help students relate background experiences while writing a story.    


Visualization techniques assist students in the elaboration of ideas.


Students are trained to use auditory senses to detect common grammatical errors, such as run-on sentences and verb tenses. 


Realizing that every student is unique, the Writing Edvantage Process uses multi-sensory techniques.  This process takes advantage of the varied learning styles of our students whether they are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or tactile learners.


Paragraph construction is the backbone of all writing.  The Writing EdVantage uses a multitude of processes to assist students in this area.


Other areas of emphasis in the Writing Edvantage include: a system of transitions to ensure smooth, flowing passages; instruction in the usage of comparisons and patterns, and techniques for self-editing. 


Retention aids for aiding in long-term mastery are always implemented in all of our processes.  These are referred to as "Secret Codes".


The Wriitng EdVantage Program will help students become more skilled, confident and creative writers.


Elaboration techniques will aid your child in adding similes, metaphors, analogies, and personifcations into their writing compositions.  The use of adjectives, adverbs, and quotation marks will enhance all writings.  Process Learning Tutoring has created unique "Secret Codes" to master these types of elaborations.


Editing Skills are reinforced for every word, sentence, paragraph, and entire composition.  Students will be taught how to "Learn from their mistakes."


All Formal English/Grammar Rules will be taught extensively in isolation and within all compositions.  The process of Diagramming Sentences to understand the o f8 Parts of Speech will be emphasized.


A system of comparisons and patterns, visualization tools, and audiory senses are taught to help students create logial, flowing, well-written compositions.


Active participation involving direct & guided-teaching will aid students in preventing gaps in their stories.  


Give your child The Writing EdVantage now!  Writing is a necessary process that is required in all subject areas, especially the content areas of language arts, science, social studies, history, and civics.  It is a life-time skill!


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